Living in cities or in countryside

Talk about your favorite television programAmong many programs and channels available on TV these days such as the current news programs,sport programs, entertaining programs, educational programs and movie programs, etc.

For that, they have to be always on time. City dwellers chronically lack open spaces and children play computer games with less outdoor play. For many rural families poor housing was combined with acute poverty. Both People who live in a countryside and those who live in a city work, but they work differently.

Talk about your weekend activities Weekend time is my favorite time in the week because. The nature of work was, in some part, a determinant of the nature of rural housing. High natural increase in rural areas mostly offset migration losses and rural population densities continued to increase up to the s.

Nowadays, people have many options to live a city or a countryside.

Pros and Cons of Living in a City or Countryside

In the country, children have as much space as they want and do not have to share it with tens of other children, like this is the case in most city parks and playgrounds.

How might these problems be reduced. The community is located in proximity to plenty of local conveniences, such as shopping, medical facilities, and churches.

Why I Live in a City (vs. the Country)

Talk about your weekend activities Weekend time is my favorite time in the week because I can enjoy myself and many relaxing activitiesI like.

First, there is a view that rural life was in some way separate and distinct from that of towns. I rarely use my car. Ways to have a good health If you want to have good health, you should follow these pieces of advice: The advantages of living in the countryside Living in the countryside is really good for your life because of these reasons: They had leisure for healthful work in garden or field, work which, in itself, was recreation for them, and they could take part besides in the recreations and games of their neighbours Furthermore, traffic jam is also a major problem for human living in a city.

In short, living in the city has many disadvantages so people have to struggle a lot to survive Topic 7: Other people may have a difference experience based on the network of people they have in the countryside, their love of the outdoors or some other factors.

She is currently reading for a Masters degree in English. What are the benefits of living in rural areas.

Country Life

The country is calm and quiet, unlike the city. It inevitably widens gap between the rich and the poor in society.

Living in cities countryside essay zones

Her areas of interests include literature, language, linguistics and also food. Since the country is not polluted as the city, the country air is fresh and beneficial to health. What is City City is a large and a highly populated area.

It was an idyllic setting, and best of all, I was only 45 minutes away from the great city of Montreal. The most useful machine in the twentieth century Among the most useful inventins in the last century; I find the computer the most important because ofthese reasons: The facilities between life in a city and life in a countryside make a big difference.

Consequently, people have more options to apply for different jobs. Everyone has an alternative to live in a countryside or in a city. A survey of showed that most English rural labourers relied heavily on a diet of bread and potatoes, with meat consumption varying from season to season and area to area, though men were generally better fed than the rest of the family.

The advantages of living in the countrysideLiving in the countryside is really good for your Epidemic diseases such as smallpox or typhus fever spread rapidly in overcrowded and insanitary conditions.

Living without a car was unimaginable. May 19,  · People today have the choice of living in a city or in the country.

Some would prefer to live in the busy overpopulated cities while others prefer the peace and quiet of country life. Although both are parts of a central government and the people may share the same benefits, they offer ways of life that are very different. On one hand, plenty of people argues that living in the city provides more opportunity for career growth and personal connection.

On the other, people would argue that the countryside promises a more serene and easy-going life, far from the hassles of daily city living. Tomorrow, we report on the awesome scientific benefits of metropolitan living. Read both to learn the good, the bad, and the ugly of calling each place home.

But mostly the good. After many years living in the countryside, I tried city life again. First, living in Vancouver, and then moving back to Montreal.

At first, I considered living in the country again, but I decided against it because I was starting a new phase of my life after a divorce.

Jul 10,  · The high cost of city living often makes it incredibly difficult for an average family to remain there long-term and if you’re fortunate enough to have the option to.

May 29,  · Living in a big city is an amazing experience. They are centers of civilization, each with unique and interesting features. Of course, certain benefits of city life are universal to all.

Living in cities or in countryside
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