Project report on recruitment and selection

LIC Act,with a capital contribution of Rs. From 44 companies with total business-in-force as Rs. ICICI was established in to lend money for industrial development. SmartKid plans are also available in unit-linked form - both single premium and regular premium Retirement Solutions ForeverLife is a retirement product targeted at individuals in their thirties.

Tracing the developments in the Indian insurance sector reveals the degree turn witnessed over a period of almost two centuries. Health Assure is a regular premium plan which provides long term cover against 6 critical illnesses by providing policyholder with financial assistance, irrespective of the actual medical expenses.

Never choose person of lesser ability out of fear of being overshadowed. If there are large numbers of candidates meeting all the criteria for the job, it will be necessary to examine the degree to which each candidate meets the essential criteria, and by short listing those candidates who, in their application, demonstrate the greatest ability to meet the criteria which can be tested at short listing stage.

HR Planning, Recruitment & Selection Projects

Advertising Reaching any target market can be extremely difficult. This can be a disorienting experience mainly because neither party can see each other.

The Indian Insurance Companies Act enacted to enable the government to collect statistical information about both life and non-life insurance businesses. These interviews involve a candidate being questioned by one interviewer — also common in early stages of selection.

If the death occurs while traveling in an authorized mass transport vehicle, the beneficiary will be entitled to twice the sum assured as additional benefit. These are usually shorter interviews used for the purpose of conducting a brief evaluation of a Candid ate.

The information it should contain is taken largely from the job description and the person specification, as set out below: It has a strong presence across India with over branches and overadvisors.

Current study will add to existing body of knowledge by signifying. Education Insurance Plans Education insurance under the SmartKid brand provides guaranteed educational benefits to a child along with life insurance cover for the parent who purchases the policy. The Indian Life Assurance Companies Act enacted as the first statute to regulate the life insurance business.

If death occurs as the result of an accident during the term of the policy, the beneficiary receives an additional amount equal to the rider sum assured under the policy. A letter from the candidate iii.

In either case though, most positions secured through executive recruiters fit into the "dream job" category. It is estimated that over the next ten years India would require investments of the order of one trillion US dollar. A concise work sample or essay if applicable iv.

Tracing the developments in the Indian insurance sector reveals the degree turn witnessed over a period of almost two centuries. For some posts it is not necessary to pay for expensive advertising space, when Job Centre plus or internal bulletin can provide suitable candidates at no cost.

The format of the interview should be outlined to the candidate. In the private sector 14 life insurance and 8 general insurance companies have been registered. A late application will be a genuine reason for not short listing a candidate and only in very exceptional circumstances and in consultation with the HR Business Partner will a late application be considered.

Ask the candidate back in if a question needs clarification. While both types charge fees only to the hiring organization, it is important to note the differences. Some of the important milestones in the general insurance business in India are: Choice of Six Investment Options: The interviewer needs to listen to develop an interested and attentive interviewing style, with plenty of eye contact.

The success of the organisation will be founded on its strong focus on values and clarity of purpose. The recommended position announcement for all positions must include a non-discrimination statement and be approved by divisional vice president and executive director of human resources.

Nevertheless the interview seems likely to remain as the principle selection device despite its faults. Questions to Expect Most questions asked at interview can be predicted and usually focus on three issues: The recommendations would normally require a formal approval of the Managing Director.

The Indian Life Assurance Companies Act enacted as the first statute to regulate the life insurance business. HR will monitor the recruitment processes to ensure they are not discriminatory and will provide statistical data to the Senior Executive Group on a regular basis.

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visit for more/5(27). Project Report on Recruitment and Selection at SULAAN SOLUTIONS INC including ppt presentation and certificate The main objectives for undertaking this project are: To understand the internal Recruitment process in organization.

To identify areas where there can be scope for improvement. To give suitable recommendation to streamline the. The Internship report is prepared for making a study on “Recruitment and Selection Process at The ACME Laboratories Ltd.” It is required.

DECLARATION I hereby declare that the project entitled.

RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION PROCESS Submitted to the Annamalai University, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master. Technically speaking, the function of recruitment precedes the selection function and it includes only finding, developing the sources of prospective employees and attracting them to apply for jobs in an organization, whereas the selection is the process of finding out the most suitable candidate to the job out of the candidates attracted (i.e /5(27). – Looking for Free MBA Project Reports on HR Planning, Recruitment & Selection? Look no further, free download & upload Domestic & HR Planning, Recruitment & Selection projects for MBA's at .

Project report on recruitment and selection
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